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Bicycle Storage Sheds

Every day we hear about new plans to reduce pollution and traffic congestion on the streets of our cities. City leaders talk about ways to make their cities more eco-friendly while addressing the national epidemic of obesity. It’s all well and good to talk about these things, however, when you choose to ride your bicycle to work it’s almost impossible to find any place to store it without getting it stolen.

To address these issues businesses and cities are starting to emplace bicycle storage sheds, also called bike lockers, additional bike racks, and there’s even a push for organizations to make available communal bikes for employees to use during the day rather than a car.

Bicycle storage sheds are a key component in any effort to build a solid core of people who bike to work, bike at work, or bike around the city either to enjoy the sites or run chores. Without a convenient place to shelter a bike, every tree and post and street sign becomes a make-shift bike rack, or people give up on the whole idea of biking around a city.

When looking to purchase bicycle storage sheds, whether for personal use or as part of a business plan, there are a number of features to consider: security, durability, capacity, and aesthetics. A bike locker needs to not only shelter bikes from rain, wind, snow and fire, but also needs to secure them from would-be thieves.

A quality bike locker will be made with a frame that is incredibly strong and resists impacts, with locks that resist picking or drilling. A strong frame also contributes to durability – today there are bicycle storage sheds made from non-metallic sheet molding composites that are virtually indestructible, whose lifespan is measured in decades, even in the harshest conditions. Most bike lockers are intended to hold one or two bikes, so if more are expected or required it is necessary to plan to meet the need.

Manufacturers have a number of bike locker designs to fit virtually any location. Finally are the aesthetics of the bike locker – if the locker is well-designed, easy to use, functional and attractive the odds are people will be more inclined to use them.

CycleSafe Bicycle Storage Sheds

The ProPark bicycle locker from Cycle Safe is an attractive, pad-mounted modular system that's easy to install, requires minimal maintenance, and provides the ultimate in bicycle security. The patented design is impenetrable to pry bars, and features Abloy locks that resist picking and drilling, and has keys that cannot be duplicated by unauthorized locksmiths. CycleSafe shelters, which provide covered, short-term parking, are expandable to meet the needs of any site and provide additional protection from the elements while meeting the government standards for Class-2 bicycle parking.

Creative Pipe Bicycle Storage Sheds

Creative Pipe, Inc has come up with a design utilizing 12-gauge, 14-gauge and 16-gauge sheet steel panels that meets the standards of even the most demanding of buyers. This single bike capacity unit features battery operated electronic locks, a graffiti resistant polyester powder coat, and a proprietary surface mounted leveling and anchoring system. Self locking doors are just one of the options available to this unit, however, pricing does depend on options so it will be necessary to contact a representative.

As might be imagined bicycle storage sheds are increasingly becoming an important part of business and city life, therefore picking one, or several, requires careful consideration of all the aspects of lockers available. While only a few were mentioned here, there are literally hundreds of designs and manufacturers available and eager for your business.

Bicycle Storage Shed