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Bike Storage Shed

Bicycles were first introduced in the 19th century and now number around one billion worldwide. In many regions they are the primary means of transportation, in addition to being a very popular form of recreation.

Bicycles have evolved from their initial form and now encompass specialized designs such as mountain bikes, racing bikes, touring bikes and cruising bikes, in addition to utilizing space-age materials and engineered braking, suspension and drivetrain systems. Because modern-day bikes incorporate such high-tech materials and are just as susceptible to the effects of the weather as any other piece of equipment bike storage sheds or alternative storage is highly recommended when not in use.

When first looking to acquire a bicycle storage shed there are a few factors to consider:

  1. How many bikes are going to be stored?
  2. Can you secure the shed against vandals or tampering?
  3. Can you secure the shed to an anchor point if you want?
  4. Is the shed completely weatherproof?
  5. What materials is the shed made out of?

Your answers to these questions, specifically how many bikes are going to be stored, will in many ways shape your decision and limit your choice.

Vertical Bike Storage Shed

While not originally designed to serve as bike storage, this rugged high-density polyethylene storage unit provides over 52 cubic feet of storage space and can easily store your bike. The unit comes as part of 7 interlocking resin panels for easy assembly and includes lockable doors. If you only have one or two bikes to store and want to keep things organized in a garage or patio then this storage unit would make a great choice. This unit will not chip, crack or peel, and can be found at virtually any major retail store or online, starting around $400.

Slide-Lid Bicycle Storage Shed

This shed boasts 92 cubic feet of storage space and is equipped with a structural foam floor that supports up to 1,300 pounds. The unit is constructed of high-density polyethylene and won’t rust, chip, crack or peel. The roof slides back for walk-in access, making it perfect for storing your bikes. The low profile of this unit makes it a good alternative to a full-size custom-built shed that may otherwise not be allowed because of covenants by home owners associations. This unit can be found at pretty much any major retail outlet for around $300.

American Bicycle Security Bike Storage Sheds

American Bicycle Security offers a number of different storage options. Each unit is a one piece FRP Composite that requires no assembly and is highly resistant to impact and stains, and comes with standard key locks and an internal locking bar system.

Each unit can be securely anchored to the ground. The Model 301 bike storage shed has just a single bike capacity, while the Model 302 has 2 doors and can contain two bikes. American Bicycle Security also offers the Model 301V vertical storage shed for multiple bike storage options. Because these storage units are intended for public use they are extremely durable and extra secure. Pricing for each unit is based upon options and quantity ordered.

Bicycle storage sheds come in a wide range of designs using various materials. Depending on your budget and how seriously you want to protect your bike there is a storage unit for you.

Bicycle Storage Shed